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11th EAI International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness

August 19–20, 2015 | Taipei, Taiwan

Welcome to Taipei!


CURRENCY INFORMATION: The Taiwan New Dollar (TWD) is the currency of Taiwan.
EXCHANGE RATE: Current exchange rate for TWD is approximately 1 EUR = 33.56 TWD
 TTY Airport to Center for Howard International House (Conference Venue)
      By Taxi
  Service Hours : Taxis are available at TTY Airport 24 hours a day.
  Trip Duration : 40~60 mins
  Charge : Airport taxis charge according to the meter in addition to a 50% surcharge (highway tolls not included) and provide transport to anywhere in Taiwan. (A typical taxi fare to Taipei is approx. NT$1,100.)
   By Bus
Step1: TTY Airport  to Taipei Main Station
1.Where to buy bus tickets:
Taoyuan Bus Corporation: Fare paid on the bus.
Other buses: Ticket counters are located in the Arrival Passenger Reception Areas of both Terminals. 
2.Terminal I Bus Platform: On the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area.
3.Reception Area.Terminal II Bus Platform: On the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception. 
4.Adult single fares vary from NT$150 to $200.
Routes Stops Fare (NT$) Service Hours Journey Time

Toward You Air Bus
TTI Airport <-> Taipei (Eastern)(2060)

How to go Conference Venue

Rongxin Park, 
Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station, Howard Hotel, 
Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, 
Hyatt Hotel

NT$145 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport : 05:50-00:15
Hyatt Hotel : 04:40-23:00
60~70 minutes
Toward You Air Bus
TTI Airport <-> Taipei (Western)(2061)
Taoyuan Airport,
Cargo Terminal,
Tai Mall,
Nan Kan,
Nan Kan interchange,
Fortuna Hotel,
Taipei Railway Station,
Sheraton Hotel Taipei,
Formosa Regent Taipei,
Ambassador Hotel Taipei,
Imperial Hotel
NT$160 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 
Lai Sheraton Hotel Taipei
KUO-KUANG MOTOR TRANSPORT (Kuokuang Line) (1840) Jiuquan St., Taipei Bridge, Taipei Railway Station NT$160 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 
Taipei Railway Station
Step2: Taipei Main Station to Center for Howard International House
    By MRT
Taipower  - Exit No. 2
Turn left outside station and walk along Xinhai ‎ Road  (10-15 minutes'  walk).
For further detail Information, please go to Conference Venue


Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

Taipei Mass Rapid Transit 

Taiwan Railways